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Fossil dating definition

Additionally, the skull is incompletely fused at birth, increasing the chances of brain injury early in life.

Generally, complete paralysis exists on one side of the body as a result of hemiplegia; however, symptoms might vary from person to person based on their individual case.

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Acquired hemiplegia is easier to identify because it tends to happen later in life, as a result of illness or injury.

With congenital hemiplegia, it's harder to pinpoint a cause because it happens either before or shortly after birth, often without warning or obvious immediate signs.

It's believed that the chances of hemiplegia increase in premature (or early) babies and in cases of multiple births (like twins or triplets).

Damage can occur during pregnancy or during delivery.

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Acquired hemiplegia results from brain damage that occurs later in life, either due to illness or injury.

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