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There is no greater action we can possibly do while we live on earth than to receive the Eucharist worthily.Jesus’ promise for receiving Him frequently and worthily should fill all of us with immense joy.Or you could receive a guest with resistance and begrudgingly.Then you can receive a guest willingly with the doors of your home wide open!All I need, is my'hunter' who will make me feel not alone and be happy to...

The success of a party depends on the prior preparation; sports success depends on the prep and warm-up and mental attitude and discipline; a good and loving courtship terminates in a loving and permanent marriage.Examine your conscience now: what type of reception do you give the Eucharistic Lord Jesus when you receive Him into your home/soul when you receive Him in Holy Communion? Accept the challenge to examine your Eucharistic reception. As was said earlier, this is the most important action that you can possibly do in your life.This being the truth, we should all make a concerted effort to improve and upgrade the efficacy of our reception of the Eucharistic Lord.How then can we apply this principle to receiving the Lord of the universe into the inner recesses of our soul?Following are ten practical suggestions that can be of immense help!

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In conclusion, we should be overflowing with joy and gratitude for the most sublime gift of the Holy Eucharist.

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