Online dating true love stories

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Online dating true love stories

Somewhat shocked and more than a little embarrassed by the public display, she urged him to get up and awkwardly mumbled “Ya sure? “Ya sure” has since become a loaded phrase for the two of them. Sometimes emails get lost in cyberspace Elizabeth and Michael met on Plenty Of Fish.After a few weeks of communicating, they exchanged phone numbers and met at a wine bar for their first date.The two met for the first time over coffee shortly after that and more than hit it off.They began seeing each other all the time, going out to concerts, watching movies and cooking beautiful meals together.Their first date ended up with a kiss and a second date on the calendar for two days later. The two decided to go ice skating, something Michael hadn’t done since he was 11 years old.They went in circles around the rink with Michael gripping the rail in one hand and hers in the other.Steve was one of the first men Diane noticed that she was matched with on e Harmony, and she was instantly attracted to him.Steve’s wife had passed away, and Diane was a divorcee.

The following spring, they flew to Paris for a holiday, and while securing their love lock to a Paris bridge alongside thousands of others, Steve pulled a diamond ring from his pocket, dropped to one knee and asked me Diane to marry him.

Perhaps he was being sneaky, but he was there to pick Elizabeth up when she fell a few times. Then they went to the airport to look for stars, but clouds got in the way.

They didn’t think they’d even notice the stars if they were visible.

As a dating coach, and one who has spent two decades helping singles find love online, a day doesn’t go by that I don’t hear a heartwarming story of someone who found the love of their life through digital dating (or at least had a date they enjoyed).

Here are a few stories to give you hope that you, too, can find someone special to ride into the digital sunset with.

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According to Michael, the date was meant to live out some of the things the two had been talking about while they were texting each other.