Serena williams dating white man who is hakeem munya dating

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Serena williams dating white man

Until our African American brothers stop this nonsensical behavior we will continue to live at the mercy of our former slave owners/masters. When Romanian tennis captain Ilie Nastase imagined Serena Willams’s baby with her white fiancé Alexis Ohanian would look like “chocolate with milk” last week, his offensive comments were immediately criticized in the media.

If the Black man refuses to treat the Black woman like wife material, another man from a different ethnicity will step in and do just that and you will have no one to blame but yourself. Serena has dated many Black men, none of them put a ring on the finger, and a white man stepped in and did the job. It is such a shame that our successful African American brothers cross over this infamous line of marrying white men and women.

Nastase may try to pass off his remark as an isolated incident.

But in reality, it reflects the continued widespread opposition to and discomfort with interracial couples and multiracial children.

In my book Navigating Interracial Borders: Black-White Couples and Their Social Worlds, I found that people often justify their opposition to interracial couples with a discussion of the “problem” of biracial children, and express “concern” about how the child will look or be accepted by society.

Therefore, we need to understand Nastase’s comments within the idea that there is something defective, or at least different, about biracial children, a twist on the tragic mulatto stereotype.

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Serena Williams just announced that she is 20 weeks pregnant for fiancé, Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit.