Validating input output transformation

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Validating input output transformation

Every server includes a default cache for storing application state.The server cache configuration only defines the storage container itself.Each request path is split into its segment (the parts separated by ).The segments are compared to the routing table one at a time and are matched against the most specific path until a match is found. When matching routes, string literals (no path parameter) have the highest priority, followed by mixed parameters ().

Default value: constructed from runtime server information. The data can be accessed whenever the server is accessible. Available only when the authentication scheme exposes an API by returning an Access: read only.The configuration can be assigned one or more (array): , response content encoding is disabled and no compression is performed by the server. Sets the minimum response payload size in bytes that is required for content encoding compression.If the payload size is under the limit, no compression is performed.Note that the context applies only to routes and extensions added after it has been set.Ignored if the method being bound is an arrow function. If the property is set to an object, that object is used as the default route config for routes using this handler.

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Server methods are functions registered with the server and used throughout the application as a common utility.