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Rita Wilson We're not sure who's luckier, actress Rita Wilson or her actor husband Tom Hanks. The actor was married once before, but this is the first marriage for the AM/FM singer.Henry Winkler Henry Winkler married his lovely bride in 1978 so they've been a happily married couple for 37 years."I try not to drink too much because when I'm drunk, I bite," the Divine Miss M has confessed.

(In case you forgot, her on-screen husbands were Jeff Martin, Phil Brent, Tom Cudahay, Adam Chandler, Mike Roy, Travis Montgomery, Dimitri Marick and Jackson Montgomery.) Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick Actor Kevin Bacon and his actress wife, Kyra Sedgwick happily celebrate their 27th wedding anniversary this year.

The former host explained to me in 2011 why he's a happily married man. "When she's reading and I'm fixing the car, just knowing that she's right over there, I like that, I like that feeling, I'm comfortable with that. I like to go home, and when you don't want to go home, that's a bad sign.

I know so many men and women, you know, they take the long way home subconsciously, they stop off and they have a drink. That's really the trick." Jeff Bridges Thirty-eight years is plenty of time to figure out if things are going well in your marriage.

A concise matrix for listing stakeholder project information needs and ground rules for project communication.

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