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Chub dating site

Along with the Lapwing, Redshank and Yellow Wagtails they have moved from our valley.As with our salmon and roach populations we do not have the answers.I will sort out a more complete response in a week or so.

In the forty five minutes I was leaning on the railing a cock fish tried twice to jump the first 500mm step of the fish ladder.

We are approaching that time of year when the salmon head for the redds to fulfill their evolutionary role.

Just what's going to happen if the river remains in its present state I have no idea.

If recent low flow year are any measure we may see increased numbers of fish cutting in the lower catchment down with us.

If you're out on the river in the next few weeks and come across cutting fish, please drop me a text if you would be so kind, I always try and record the number of fish cutting on the estate.

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The next stage will be that same bloody fishery expert who informs me these fish passes are efficient telling me fish that spawn in the lower catchment have lower recruitment - perhaps its because they are knackered!

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