Accommodating ell in the classroom

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Accommodating ell in the classroom

Here’s what the WGU advantage means to you: Wow, finally went through all the comments.I'm really interested in enrolling in Information Technology.“This environment cannot be allowed to continue.” Wescott, who has worked as a teacher for twelve years—nine of them at the middle school—and is a Golden Apple Award recipient, says she has watched student behavior increasingly worsen over the past five years, and especially this past school year.She said that teachers are daily cursed at and called “vile, crude and sexual names.” She offered copies of a page-long list of remarks that students had made in just the last two days.and throws up in anticipation of the work week starting,” Wescott said. Michelle Langenfeld issued a statement to ensure the community that safety is a priority for the school district and that Wescott’s concerns were taken seriously.Langenfeld said that efforts had been underway to address student behavior, and that further action will be implemented.

Would the certifications be enough to get your foot in the door?

“I wanted you to feel how we feel when these things are said to us,” Wescott lamented, advising that the statements were so bad they couldn’t be repeated out loud.

“Ultimately, you have to know that these things are said to your employees and your children—all day, every day.” Wescott noted that some teachers have been injured trying to break up physical fights, including one teacher who was taken away in an ambulance just two weeks prior.

“They pound on our doors, shake our door handles, scream swear words into our vents, punch and kick the doors, and terrorize us while we try to teach and learn,” she explained.

Wescott also said there have been numerous instances of sexual harassment of students by their peers, and recounted a recent incident where a student flagrantly exposed himself in front of staff members and then laughed at the teachers’ reactions.

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“Is it going to take someone getting killed for you to finally take the drastic action that is needed?

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