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For example, Russian Internet users have recently started receiving mails inviting them to “adult sites” supposedly connected with the popular Odnoklassniki (classmates) social network.To access this site, users had to enter their login and password.If the email arrives as part of a mass mailing, the girl’s feelings develop in the course of correspondence, becoming clear from the second or third email.Below is one of the spam emails sent to tens of thousands users in January: Subject: Hello my dearest Friend in mind with hope you are good healthy?

Spam emails inviting the reader “to meet a nice young girl” or just “spend a night” have become quite common.In many cases, the text of the message is generated automatically using templates of typical phrases – clearly visible if you look through several emails in a row. Similar emails are spread widely in almost all major languages.The quality of the texts leaves much to be desired so the spammers bulk up the quantity: the volume of such mass mailings is literally enormous.The message offers the chance to make new friends and start serious relationships.Dates can be arranged, while special apps are offered to chat, flirt and rate photos. ***********.5But the link in this email led to an infected web page: Phishing attacks are yet another threat.

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The idea is very simple – there will always be a certain number of people who fall for it.

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