Dating or hanging out lesbian dating sties

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Dating or hanging out

So my question is, do you think these are dates or just hanging out? I don't know if I should be on my game, anticipating the next move or just chill. We were going to try to be friends but I think that may be just awkward now since she has her mind up that I'm some jealous time bomb. She said I didn't own her when I assumed their was a relationship blossoming.

A date used to mean....being picked up or meeting..dinner or drinks not lets hang out at your place or mine. Well yeah, some people will try the let's hang out at my house thing.

Hence "hang out" takes the place of "dating."Can someone help me understand why dating (going out) has become hanging out?

I might understand if the guy was a lot younger but that was not the case. Outdoor dates are great, I actually prefer them, but not until I know someone.

To me, it's just less pressure and maybe less embarrassing for the guy if the girl declines (or vice versa).

"Date", to me, feels like something romantic is expected, whereas I'd prefer to just spend time getting to know someone without any expectations. "hang out" / wants to date but nothing serious = when I see you....

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But, I would usually tell them, nope I'd rather go out and do something and they will get the hint that inviting me to their house for a date is inappropriate.

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