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Galacticdating com

Fortunately, the Bentusi used this new-found technology to keep order and peace in the galaxy.

Using the hyperspace core, the Bentusi quickly established the Old Trade Routes which were widespread across hundreds of worlds, bringing their technology to many races.

Right away you will start developing a playable game with strangers who share the same passion as you in just two days. Global Game Jam Berlin is open to everyone who wants to create digital games, board games or physical games in 48 hours.

The 2018 edition will take place at the SAE Institue Berlin on the weekend 26-28 of January.

The events in Homeworld take place in The Galaxy, a spiral galaxy known as the Whirlpool Galaxy, is about 76,000 lightyears in diameter, relatively small for a galaxy in comparison with the Milky Way.The Naggarok was an alien exploration vessel that journeyed to the Galaxy from a neighboring galaxy using an experimental hyperdrive of immense power.When the ship emerged from hyperspace it was carrying a strange and malevolent form of life (later to be given the moniker The Beast) which had not been present at the start of its journey.The Hiigarans are a humanoid race hailing from Hiigara at the edge of the Galactic Core.Through their trials they have proven to be a group of proud, cunning and intellectual people.

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Their empire and influence spanned nearly the entire galaxy, and many Progenitor relics have been found in its farthest corners.

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