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Updating hard drive

You can go out and select your own hard drive instead of being forced to buy an official first-party hard-disk accessory.However, giving console owners that freedom means that aspiring upgraders will need to know how to select the right hard-drive upgrade and the proper installation technique.Then, click the Erase button at the top of the window and then click Erase.

When the process is complete, eject the SSD and shut down your computer.

They are more energy efficient, more reliable and quieter than hard drives with magnetic, spinning disks.

And they aren't nearly as costly per gigabyte as they once were.

Use a soft brush or gentle bursts of compressed air to release the dust and grime. You'll see that a SATA ribbon is attached to one end.

To remove the hard drive, use the regular screwdriver to unscrew the two black screws belonging to the bracket securing the hard drive. Carefully wiggle the connector -- not the ribbon itself -- to disconnect it.

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I am planning on upgrading to Windows 10 July 29th. Also, I ordered a 120 GB Samsung 850 Evo that I plan to use as my primary drive for Windows and some programs.

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