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Sex free iran

Of course, not all religious experts, medical doctors, or government officials in Iran were (or are) friendly to sex change operations and transsexuality in general.But the sheer weight of Khomeini’s decree was enough to ratify the law.In exile, Amin founded “6Rang”—a network for lesbian and transgender Iranians.But she remained disturbed by the increasing rates of sex change surgery in Iran.So encouraging is the Iranian government of such surgery that it currently subsidizes procedures for qualified applicants.According to research conducted by Harvard Professor Afsaneh Najmabadi, in 2012, the Iranian newspaper positive attitude quoted an official from the State Welfare Organization, saying that 350 million tomans (2,000) were allocated for assisting each patient with “gender identity disorder,” a formal diagnosis of transsexuality, including some assistance for surgical treatment.This certification is crucial because it offers protection from police harassment and the risk of breaking Iran’s strict gender separation and dress laws.Once an individual is certified as a transsexual, he or she may dress in public as the “opposite” sex.

In 1985, Khomeini, now the politically unchallenged supreme authority, reissued his 1967 on sex change surgery, this time in Persian, following years of correspondence with Maryam Molkara, a male-to-female transgendered person who finally met with Khomeini.

“We saw this incredibly high rate of sex change surgery, and we asked, why? Indeed, all evidence suggests that sex change operations in Iran have increased both in frequency as well as in public visibility over the last decade.

Iran now performs more sex change operations than any other country besides Thailand.

As Najmabadi describes, in the last 20 years, tightly interwoven disciplines have arisen within the legal, medical, and religious community around the issue of transsexuality, in an effort to fill the gaps left by Khomeini’s decree.

Today, those who wish to undergo sex change operations must navigate a labyrinth of bureaucratic processes to be certified as an “official” transsexual.

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Most people who experience same-sex attraction would not immediately think to undergo sex reassignment surgery.

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