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1in dating million

Using them infects them with coliform bacteria and E.

coli, according to University of Arizona professor of environmental microbiology Dr Charles Gerba.

Alternatively, he suggest investing in a 'small office cup washer' to improve hygiene standards.

In 2012, a study involving Dr Gerba, discovered men's offices had 'significantly' more bacteria than women's.

Up to 90 percent of mugs in office kitchens are coated in disease-causing germs and 20 percent actually carry faecal matter, according to a biologist.

They survived by moving into Southeast Asia ( Evidence from molecular biology strongly suggests that humans and chimpanzees last shared a common ancestor no more than 5-8 million years ago, and in recent years researchers have focused on finding fossils close to this divergence.

The "large brain first" view received further support when the Piltdown fossils were presented to the world.

While we now know that they are fraudulent, at the time (1911) they seemed to demonstrate quite clearly that early humans had a modern was the reverse of a movement that occurred in the late Miocene, when the ancestors of the African apes migrated from Eurasia into Africa.

But lurking between the keys, hidden on the mouse and nestled in your phone lies more than 10 million bacteria - 400 times more than on the average toilet seat.

Our knowledge of human evolution is changing rapidly, as new fossils are discovered and described every year.

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