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Bruising, cuts, blood, blisters, and burns are the result of these past two days.Do not let your weight, size, shape, or fear keep you from owning your life!!Fat women have a right to lifeguard.""That you have to look perfect in order to save somebody.Nobody cares what you look like when they're near death and just want to be saved. But if you love it and want to better lives and keep safe, it doesn't matter."A huge misconception is that lifeguards are dumb oafs who look really good.If it's aesthetics, you're fat-shaming and size-shaming.And you're being really rude, because fat people can do so much more than we think they can.🌴 - How many times have you set your sights on a job, a position in life and doubted yourself? Yesterday in my interview I was met with such excitement that I wanted to be a lifeguard by the board of my prospective employers.They informed me the Deep Water position is rigorous and can be tiring at times, I answered with a resounding "I have no doubt I can rise to the occasion and swim with the best of them!

I would tell people that you can be a leader — of yourself and others — even if you're not fit.If my weight was such an aesthetic issue, you would've seen it, because I've been half-naked in a swimsuit.If you knew you couldn't accommodate, you shouldn't have put me through this."It can be cutthroat," says Courtney Harrough, 24, a certified deep-water lifeguard, writer, and server in Orlando, FL."The reality is that it's a physically demanding job, and you need stamina and resilience to keep up." For starters, you have to know how to give first aid and practice life-saving skills, in and around water; rescue a victim who's drowning; swim proficiently; and perform CPR or use an AED at a moment's notice.

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