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Come the spring of 1998, Death Row was a mighty lonely place. Dre had been gone for nearly two years, Snoop Dogg enlisted in the No Limit army, 2pac was dead, Suge was in jail.

Only Dat Nigga Daz -- now known as Daz Dillinger -- remained, and he was determined to keep the Death Row torch burning with his first solo album, Retaliation, Revenge and Get Back.

I got Mike Wi LL [Made It] on there, I got Drumma Boy, I got TK Beats.

You know, just keeping that [Roland] 808 [drum machine] going. It started off as a mixtape, but then I’m like, “I really don’t want to do a mixtape,” so I just turned it into an album.

But BMG publishing house says that they have the rights to the single.

Now there is Mexican standoff between the two parties resulting in the movie release date being pushed back from September to November, TMZ reported.

While the report states that the film has been bumped from a September release date to November, Daz has refuted the claims, responding in a video post on Instagram.

Few have experienced life in the World of Hip Hop like Daz Dillinger has.

He does what he does -- namely, G-funk -- well, but in 1998 G-funk is an anachronism.

According to TMZ, the upcoming film, All Eyez On Me, has hit a standstill as producer Daz Dillinger and BMG work out who holds the rights to "Ambitionz Az A Ridah," one of the rapper's definitive songs that is featured prominently throughout the film.

Daz is not only a writer on the original track, but is directly involved in the making of the movie.

If this is the route they’re going down, there is a ton of rises, falls and feuds in hip-hop history that could end up getting the big screen treatment, and given Straight Outta Compton’s wild success at the box office it’s clear the audience is there.

“THE BEST FROM THE WEST MAN” Daz wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of him chilling with Snoop, “WWW. COM THE MOVIE THA SAGA CONTINUEZ NWA” (though the URL has yet to direct to a real website.

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“Before Tupac was on Death Row & cursed by Suge he was Crippin with Thug Life.